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Nutrigenomics and the Age Management Practice:

How to personalize treatment plans for

hormone imbalances

cardiovascular disease

diabetes and more

Dr. Gerber is certified through WorldLink Medical, the Academy for Preventive and Innovative Medicine, as a nutrigenomics practitioner.  His expertise will help to uncover the source of imbalances which may be causing dis-ease and provide the solution efficiently, using his extensive knowledge and practice of nutrigenomics, which many traditional doctors are not yet schooled in.  A consultation with Dr. Gerber will guide you in understanding

  • How nutrigenomics contributes to disease prevention and age management medicine.
  • How nutrigenomics can effectively underpin treatment plans for asthma, autism, cardiovascular disease, diabetes (type 2), hormonal issues, hypertension and psoriasis.
  • How nutrigenomics assists in healthy functioning cellular defense mechanisms.
  • The factors that overwhelm cells and cause health decline, despite what outdated theories suggest.
  • How overall health is affected by the relationship between genes and nutritional substances, acting as activators of various harmful or helpful processes in the human body.
  • The importance of critical review of data on nutraceutical supplements, even those considered to be “safe” in high doses.

Additionally, Dr. Gerber will identify current practices that are based on outdated theories surrounding nutritional medicine and explain how you may obtain optimal health for as long as you live.

plural noun: nutrigenomics
1. the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.
”nutrigenomics holds great promise in fighting obesity and cancer”